Fearless visual blogging

My two favorite visual blogs are

The Young Turks


Juxt Interactive

In the best of all possible worlds, everyone would check these out and I wouldn’t have to say why they’re my favs — and since saying why is against the visual paradigm, that would suit me fine.  But this ain’t the best of all possible worlds, hai na? 🙂  So here’s why:

The Young Turks started as political commentary on satellite radio, but their opinions have expanded past things political.  They have a wry sense of humor.  And they are absolutely fearless.  They’re like fresh lime juice on a very hot summer day.

Juxt Interactive is the web design firm of Todd Purguson, one of the best designers out there.  The Juxt Interactive blog spotlights various things that Juxt (or Todd) likes, all from a design and communications pov.  And the background images of the blog change each time you visit.  It’s almost too much, visually, but it’s not.  Another example of fearlessness.