Hi Grafers, been traveling lately in a t…

Hi Grafers, been traveling lately in a third world country with little access to decent internet. Derek, heath and Ed thanks for your responses to Oprah-Chopra article. I wanted to share my thoughts on Orac and Chopra, but I think I better give it a rest. I want to share some thoughts about Sarah Palin, but I quit that thought.

Here’s something I just read that I like to share:

“the sorrow of a rose” by annaruiz

the sorrow of a rose
in her thorns

she makes peace
with the blood-red sun

how the sunlight
into moon

the finger
trickles with tears.


Although the imagery is cliched, this poem works for me. I think the power of this poem lies in the brilliant way in which the (cliched)imagery of the rose is connected with the (cliched)imagery of the ‘finger pointing to the moon’.

P.S. Steve Toth, from the comment thread:

“When winter comes
roses lose their blossoms
but hang on
to their thorns”