Washington Post behind the numbers: But …

Washington Post behind the numbers: But can she cook? “Homemaker” seems to be the best suited job for Palin, according to the public. Yes, that’s right. Only 12% of Republicans think President’s her best next job, and only 4% of independents (6% of the public overall thinks that President should be her next job.)

Palin – Fox Explores “What Next?”

Fox News is out with the first “what next?” poll on former governor Sarah Palin: “homemaker” tops the closed-ended list.

Here’s the full breakdown by party identification…

Q: What do you think is the best job for Sarah Palin
now that she has resigned as governor of Alaska?

                         voters   Dem   Rep   Ind
Homemaker                  32     45     18    34
Television Talk Show Host  17     21     14    15
Vice President             14      4     27    11
College Professor          10     12      7     8
President                   6      2     12     4
(Other)                    13     10     12    21
(Don't know)                8      6     10     8

Source: Fox News poll, July 21-22; +/-3.

Maureen Dowd:

As McCain pal and Republican strategist Mike Murphy so sagely observed recently: “If Sarah Palin looked like Golda Meir, would we even be talking about her today?”

Sarah should follow her own advice to Hillary and work harder to be capable. Until then, she’s all cage, no bird.

And if she wants to be a “homemaker”, she should learn to cook something other than a mooseburger. Until then, she’s all oven, no cookie. Sarah, you are hot, but all air,  no care &  so unfair! Got no dough? No bake, no cake for ya! You are all fake, all make. Sorry Sarah, for all’s sake, no take! Gee…that was bad. I hope it isn’t as bad as Palin’s poetics.