Pharyngula: The Huffington snake oil

The Huffington Post has become, in a very short period, a powerful non-traditional media platform for liberal politics. (With a readership of over 10 million unique visitors/month, almost toe-in-toe with the hugely popular NYTIMESdotcom.) But when it comes to science, it lags….Scienceblogger PZ Myers, who (along with Orac of Respectful Insolence, also at Scienceblogs) might be known to some Intentblog readers as a Deepak Chopra critic:

Many of us have long noticed the truly awful quackery hosted at the Huffington Post, with acupuncturists, anti-vax fanatics, and general all-around kooks like Deepak Chopra given free rein.

Now Salon has pointed out the obvious, with some depth. Have you wondered why the HuffPo is so bad on science and medicine? The blame can be pinned directly on Arianna Huffington, who hand-picked with little discrimination or sense who the ‘medical’ contributors to the site would be. That’s the scatter-brained, credulous brain of Arianna on display in that mess on HuffPo.

Nice to see Gawker, another popular liberal outlet, comment on the Salon article:

HuffPo’s Dangerous Quacks, Hacks and Cultists

Salon has a great post by a doctor about medical quackery at the Huffington Post, where a columnist recently suggested colon cleansing could treat swine flu. This is the downside of HuffPo’s open, unpaid model — and culty recruiter. MORE>>

I agree with PZ and Gawker, the blame largely lies with Arianna…as this epic NewYorker biography “The many lives of Arianna Huffington” by Lauren Collins might hint….

Update: Orac weighs in on Dr. Rahul Parikh’s excellent Salon article:
The Huffington Post’s war on medical science is noticed