Love nor money I feel that a Creator’s … 

Love nor money

I feel that a Creator’s Love is All-pervading, the very glue that holds our Universe and Us together.
It bothers me, in general terms, that we should hitch a ride on Love to make a relative affluence of fame and fortune, whilst a huge proportion of our brothers and sisters are spiritually starved.

May I suggest, we are here on Earth to make (fulfil) Love, not money. Money can ‘freeze’ Love, so that, like a glacier, it flows quite imperceptably. Only the warming of individual hearts towards each other can induce the thaw and set Love flowing among the collective whole. Money, if then a facilitating tool, can flow at Love’s own warm pace and be the true symbol of Love’s quickening.

To each their warming hearts, never to forget, in our impatient judging, that it is not over until the fat lady SINGS!!

What a Fat Lady Mother Earth is!