Short sketches, reversals, and… the In … 

Short sketches, reversals, and… the Internet, PDA’s and juries…

Am trying to write short stories so I can tighten my story sensibility before I go back to work on the book. Wrote two rough ones on the morning commute. Inspired by what I read about Tony Gilroy two days ago, some conversations with my son, and the way a special guy I know and love does his creative work.

If you’re into writing, film direction, screenwriting, check the New Yorker’s profile of Tony Gilroy, whose forthcoming film Duplicity should be really good, not the least because Clive Owen is the male lead. D.T. Max’s profile of Gilroy is here:
Wiki page for Duplicity:

Here’s a grim yet funny irony… did you ever think that what your kids are doing with their PDA’s could also be done by juries with their PDA’s? With resulting confusion in and subversion of the American judicial system?
Here’s the story:

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